The Denver Broncos should move mountains to trade for Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb

I said what I said!
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Stud Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb wants a new contract and has not reported to the team. Could the Denver Broncos swing a major trade for him?

I mean, you never know, right? The Broncos are in a similar boat with their best wide receiver, Courtland Sutton, who also apparently wants a new deal. The funny thing here is that Sutton is worth half of what Lamb may end up getting. Through four seasons in the NFL, CeeDee Lamb is simply one of the very best WRs in the NFL and actually has comparable statistics to Justin Jefferson, who just got a deal worth $35 million per year.

There really isn't an argument for Lamb to get less than, let's say, $32 million per year. Now yes, you may get quite turned off at that number, but Lamb is an elite player and would be the missing piece to the Denver Broncos offense. With both Sutton and Lamb not on great terms with their teams, could a deal be made?

Perhaps. For what it is worth, Sutton himself is from Texas, so it could be a bit of a homecoming for the player. Secondly, Sutton's new deal would be a lot cheaper than what Lamb is going to get, and the Cowboys would also get some draft picks back in this hypothetical deal. That might make it more likely for Jerry Jones and the rest of the Cowboys front office to pull this off.

The Denver Broncos would have to create a strong trade package, anything less than Courtland Sutton and a first-round pick would not nearly be enough. And frankly, it might cost more than that as well. The likelihood of a trade happening between the Cowboys and Broncos for their stud receivers is close to zero, but it's not impossible.

If the Broncos would only have to include Courtland Sutton as the only player in this deal, their WR room would then feature CeeDee Lamb, Marvin Mims Jr, Troy Franklin, Tim Patrick, and Josh Reynolds.

Yeah, that'll do.