3 quarterbacks who could end up saving Sean Payton's job in Denver

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At some point, Sean Payton may be forced to make an extremely bold and perhaps even desperate decision. Could a few players end up saving his job? The idea of Sean Payton being on the hot seat sounds insane at the moment, but wouldn't you think that could be the case next offseason if Bo Nix is just a total disaster?

Like, what if the Denver Broncos go 2-15 while watching Bo Nix command a stinkfest of an offense? No one wants that, but it can happen until it doesn't. I do believe a dire enough situation in 2024 could force Sean Payton to amp up the aggression in 2025 and ultimately force him to bring in a player to save his job.

3 quarterbacks who could end up saving Sean Payton's job in Denver

1. Bo Nix, QB

Obviously. Sean Payton wasn't close to being on any sort of hot seat, but at some point during his tenure with the Denver Broncos, he was going to take a chance on a rookie QB. That rookie QB being the long-term answer does in a way save his job. When head coaches get fired, most of the time, their team never had a long-term solution at QB figured out.

It's no coincidence, either. If Bo Nix doesn't work out, Payton's seat should get warm. If he does work out, Payton can rest knowing that it isn't likely that his job become jeopardized. Payton and GM George Paton both seem extremely high on Nix, which is notable.

He fits the Denver Broncos offense like a glove, so it might be less likely that he doesn't not cement the long-term position.