CBS Sports labels Denver Broncos running back room as a "work in progress"

Do the Denver Broncos have a bad running back room?
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos running back room needs to take a step forward for the 2024 NFL Season, as the unit was not good enough in 2023. CBS Sports ranked all 32 running back situations in the NFL and put each team into a tier. The Denver Broncos ended up in the last tear as a "Work in progress" with the Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants:

"The Giants lost Saquon Barkley to the Eagles in free agency and brought in Devin Singletary to replace him. On top of that downgrade at the starting position, New York doesn't have much behind Singletary with Eric Gray, Tyrone Tracy Jr., and Gary Brightwell rounding out the position group. There was a sizable amount of fanfare for Javonte Williams heading into last season, but the former second-round pick only averaged 3.6 yards per carry in 2023. Samaje Perine is a solid veteran to have in the backfield, but this position group doesn't have a ton of high-end upside. "

Tyler Sullivan

To be fair to the Broncos, Sullivan doesn't even make mention of the Broncos' younger players in the backfield like Jaleel McLaughlin, Audric Estime, and Blake Watson, the latter two being rookies. You have to wonder why those names weren't brought up. Those three players are hopefully here to raise the ceiling of the running back room for Denver.

Both Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine just feel like floor-raisers at this point and nothing more. While I am a bit bullish on the unit as a whole for 2024, it is still quite unproven until proven otherwise. Denver should continue to see strong offensive line play like they saw in 2023 (don't let all the sacks Russell Wilson took fool you).

And perhaps Javonte Williams can return to his pre-injury self in 2024. He's heading into a contract year and I don't see any sort of argument to bring him back currently. Williams' playing like he did in 2021 could really elevate this unit, and I have not even mentioned the potentials of McLaughlin, Estime, and Watson, who could all earn a spot in the room for 2024.

This group might be a huge position to watch over the course of the offseason.