3 positions the Broncos must prioritize with their first pick in 2024 NFL Draft

The Denver Broncos must look at these three positions as being the most crucial with their first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.
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The Denver Broncos need to get back to the basics in the 2024 NFL Draft and pick players that can help them sustain success for the long-term. Whether the Broncos pick at 4, 12, or 22, there are a few positions that should leap to the front of your brains as ones that the team needs to prioritize.

The way I see it, the two most important parts of a successful NFL team are the franchise QB and the ability to get to the QB. There's no secret as to how rosters are built, and the Broncos mock drafts that have them taking a CB at 12 just scare me. The Broncos' needs are clear as day; they need a franchise QB and need to get to the quarterback more consistently.

If they can hammer those two things down in the 2024 NFL Draft, the team is going to be better than you might think right now.

Let's look at three positions, in order, that the Denver Broncos must prioritize with their first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

1. Quarterback

No surprise here. The Broncos must prioritize a QB with their first pick, and this could look very different. The most exciting option could be the team trading up for a quarterback, and this would likely be inside the top five picks. The Arizona Cardinals fourth overall pick seems to be the sweet spot if Denver wants a great shot at a QB like Drake Maye or JJ McCarthy.

The team may decide to stick at 12. In this case, a QB shockingly falls down the board, or the Broncos go with someone like Bo Nix, who some think could be overdrafted if he's taken at 12. Denver could also move down in the first round with, let's say, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles first-round pick is pick 22. Denver could get pick 22 and one or both of their second-round picks depending on how that deal goes down. Either way, the QB needs to be at the forefront of their minds when the 2024 NFL Draft begins.