3 opponents the Denver Broncos could blow out in the 2024 NFL Season

Could the Denver Broncos earn some blowout wins in the 2024 NFL Season?
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos could field a better offense and defense in the 2024 NFL Season, and that could lead to some blowout wins. The Broncos are good enough to earn some blowout wins in 2024, as we did see one in 2023. Denver's schedule isn't the worst in the NFL, but the schedule-makers didn't do the team many favors.

However, with a strong coaching staff and a hopeful improvement on offense, Denver could be a viable team in 2024. The defense also got better on paper with some much-needed reinforcements along the defensive line. There isn't any arguing that Denver's roster is better now than where it was at this point in 2023.

Could that lead to the Broncos earning some blowout wins in 2024?

3 opponents the Denver Broncos could blow out in the 2024 NFL Season

Home: Carolina Panthers

Perhaps the worst team in the NFL right now, the Carolina Panthers won just two games during the 2023 NFL Season. They did clean house and were active in free agency, but until they prove they aren't a bottom-feeding team, they are. The Broncos host the Panthers, and this should be ae bloodbath.

Denver will have to deal with former defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero and his stout defense. He was the Broncos DC in 2022, and Denver had a top-five unit. Second-year QB Bryce Young is going to be the main focus here. The Panthers will go as Young goes, and even though 2023 was not his fault, he didn't exactly play well.

Home: Las Vegas Raiders

This actually might be the year that the Denver Broncos snap their eight-game losing streak versus the Las Vegas Raiders. Right now, the longest losing streak Denver has is against the Raiders, and it's no longer against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders might truly be a disaster this year, and Denver should have their way with them at home.

The QB1 in Vegas is likely going to be career backup Gardner Minshew. They're also coached by Antonio Pierce, who was a position coach in 2023, and who many players almost demanded be hired as the permanent head coach. The Raiders missed out on a QB in the 2024 NFL Draft and instead took Brock Bowers with their first-round pick.

The Raiders roster is largely awful from top to bottom with about three good players. The Denver Broncos should play some sound football against the Raiders and should be able to win this game easily.

Away: Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are in a new era, as the team parted ways with long-time head coach, Pete Carroll. Former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald is the new head coach, so this coming season could be an evaluation year for the franchise. Their QB, Geno Smith, wrote back in 2023 and wasn't that great.

The Seahawks also have a bad offensive line and an underperforming defense. Right now, Denver is the better team and should be able to walk into Seattle and get the easy win to open up the season. This isn't to say that the Seattle Seahawks can't be a good team in 2025, but 2024 is a bit of a resetting year for the team.

The Denver Broncos feel like they're a year or two ahead of Seattle currently, so they should not have many troubles getting this win.