3 long-term questions the Denver Broncos will have to answer

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Three long-term questions the Broncos will have to answer
2. How will the offensive line continue to look?

The Denver Broncos spent over $100 million in free agency to improve their offensive line. Will their heavy investments in the unit continue? Garett Bolles and Quinn Meinerz are both under contract through 2024, and Lloyd Cushenberry is a free agent after this year.

I think it's safe to say that the only players guaranteed to be a part of the OL room for the long term are Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey, which is fine. However, what happens with the other positions? Will the Broncos eventually re-sign Bolles? Will they extend a long-term offer to Quinn Meinerz even though he plays guard?

What is the future plan at center? Next offseason may not present much change along the OL, but the 2024 offseason may be a completely different story.

3. What is the plan for life after Russell Wilson?

Another obvious choice here. Russell Wilson is not going to be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos forever. He turns 35 this year and I think in reality, the soonest the team would have a new starting QB would be 2025.

Well, 2025 is only two years away, and I am very curious to see what Sean Payton's plans would be when that time comes. Sean Payton really has never had to make any sort of major QB tenure during his time as head coach in the NFL. Drew Brees was signed by the Saints back in 2006 when Sean Payton was introduced as their next head coach.

I think this also heavily depends on how the rest of the roster and team is performing. If the Broncos bottom out in 2024, the team may want to swing on a passer in the 2025 NFL Draft. Or, the team is remaining competitive but perhaps the writing is on the wall that the team will move off of Wilson.

The Chiefs had Alex Smith under center for years and were consistently a playoff team. Eventually, they parted ways with Smith and turned the reigns over to some guy named Patrick Mahomes.

I also think as early as next offseason, there could be some major QB movement that Denver may want to take advantage of. What if the Cowboys again fail in the playoffs? Do they entertain trading Dak Prescott? What if the Cardinals earn the #1 pick for the 2024 NFL Draft and want to build around Caleb Williams instead of Kyler Murray?

Denver may want to dabble in another major QB trade. There are so many scenarios that can transpire at this position for the Broncos. I'm curious to see how the QB situation shakes out.

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