3 guarantees for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 NFL season

-Better OL play?

-Russell Wilson bouncing back?

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The NFL is full of unexpected events, but there are clearly at least three things that the Denver Broncos are guaranteed to have happen to them in 2023. The Broncos are going to be a much better football team in the 2023 season, and I don't think that is some bold statement at all.

Now, we can debate how much better the team will be. Will they be a marginally better team and win a few more games? Will they finish with a winning record but miss the playoffs? Could they even finish with a winning record and make the postseason?

There is so much that can happen and much of it depends on if Russell Wilson has anything left in the tank. We know for a fact that Sean Payton is a great coach, so coaching should not be an issue, but among other things that the Broncos have some uncertainty with, I think there are still three things that are guaranteed to happen to them in 2023.

3 guarantees for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 NFL season

1. The offensive line play is league average, at worst

I could make this a more broad statement and say that it's a guarantee that the offensive line is simply better than it has been in recent seasons. The team is more talented on paper than it has been in recent years. The team truly has four solid starters along the OL. The center position is obviously up in the air, but there are no big questions about left tackle, left guard, right guard, and right tackle.

I am so excited to see this OL perform, as Sean Payton's teams have usually had top-tier OL play. This will especially be helpful for Russell Wilson who does take a lot of sacks but also has historically played behind some ugly offensive lines.

I think we'll see a stronger unit that doesn't allow as many sacks and turns into an elite run-blocking unit. Expect the Denver Broncos to run the ball a ton in 2023. They do have the players along the OL to do that, too. At worst, though, I think this unit is league average, which is perfectly fine, too. While it'd be much better to have an elite OL, having an average OL would be a welcome sight for the Denver Broncos.