3 positions the Denver Broncos can add to during the 2023 NFL season

Could we see the Denver Broncos add to certain position groups throughout the 2023 season?
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If the Denver Broncos are in the business of adding players during the 2023 season, they're likely in a playoff spot or competing for one. What positions might they consider adding, though? Broncos Country deserves a competitive, efficient, and disciplined team in 2023 and beyond. Six straight years of losing seasons is enough. We've had enough.

Sean Payton brought a quick turnaround when he first arrived in New Orleans as head coach back in 2006, putting together an elite draft class and helping coach the Saints to a 10-6 record. Well, the hope here in Denver is that not only do the Broncos have an elite 2023 NFL Draft class, but can be led to double-digit wins and a playoff spot.

I personally think Denver sits at 5-3 through their first eight games, which takes them right to their bye week, which is also right at the trade deadline. Being 5-3 at the bye week allows Denver to evaluate their first half of the season to see where they stand. This might also bring scenarios where the team thinks about adding free agents to certain positions or even making a trade or two.

What three positions might we see added to the Denver Broncos' roster during the 2023 season?

3 positions the Denver Broncos can add to during the 2023 NFL season

1. Cornerback

I think one position that could use a boost even now is cornerback. Patrick Surtain II is the best CB in the NFL and was recently voted that. K'Waun Williams is one of the best slot cornerbacks in the NFL, but outside of that, Denver may not have much else.

There is no guarantee that Damarri Mathis takes a step forward in year two, or that Riley Moss can be adequate as a rookie. Essang Bassey has also been a career backup, so this unit is quietly vulnerable, especially if Surtain were to miss some games. Hopefully, the Broncos' secondary isn't getting torched each week, but I could see a situation where Denver could sign a veteran CB, perhaps even bringing back someone like Ronald Darby, or a former Broncos' Super Bowl champion, Bradley Roby.

Marcus Peters would also be a name that I could see the team chasing. Boosting the secondary would be a great move, especially since the NFL is a pass-first league, so you can never have too many defensive backs.