3 free agents, 3 trade options for Denver Broncos at offensive tackle

- Starting OT at risk of losing his job?

- Could this OT be traded/released?

- Options for the Broncos if eventually they move on from this player

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The Preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals, the initial depth chart, the re-signing of tackle Cam Fleming, and the cap hit have shown that 2017 1st-round Draft pick Garrett Bolles could be in shambles entering the 2023 NFL season.

Many could think that Garett Bolles has locked the starting left tackle job for the Denver Broncos in 2023, but injuries and recent struggles might show the opposite.

When he was drafted out of the University of Utah, Bolles instantly became the Denver Broncos' starting left tackle, he had some problems, especially holding and overall penalty problems. In his rookie year, he was the offensive tackle with the second-most penalties (15). In his second season, he had the third-most penalties among tackles (14). In his third season, he had the second-most penalties among offensive tackles (17). In year four, he lowered the number of penalties to 7, but still was ninth among tackles in penalties. His fifth season, once again, he was unfortunately in the top 10. To be specific, at 10th in penalties among offensive tackles with 8.

Last year, when he played in only five games due to a season-ending leg injury, Bolles still had 6 penalties, 36th among offensive tackles.

Regarding sacks, he has allowed 20 in 82 games with the Broncos, which is 0.24 sacks per game.

The preseason week 1 game against the Cardinals showed that Bolles is still struggling, as you can see in the Russell Wilson dropbacks ...

Now, for the Broncos, could moving on from Bolles could be a good option heading into the 2023 season? Well, struggles were already mentioned, but there are other things regarding the situation ...

Bolles will have a $17.82 M cap hit in 2023 and a $20M cap hit in 2024. They can save a lot of money by moving on from him. Despite big interest from other teams in free agency, the Broncos re-signed Cam Fleming, one of the most underrated players for the Broncos in the 2022-23 season. Additionally, Isaiah Prince is getting first-team reps, and there is still depth at the position with undrafted rookie out of Illinois Alex Palczewski.

With the above being said, let's take a look at free agents and trade candidates that the Broncos could look at if Bolles ends up getting released/traded ...