3 dream scenarios for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL offseason

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3 dream scenarios for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL offseason

Denver extends some of their young players because of their 2023 performances

Having talented, young players is awesome for any team. It's also awesome if the team is able to keep those players around for the long term. I see three potential Broncos who could play their way into long-term extensions next offseason, and ideally, that happens.

Denver being able to get some of their best talent under contract for the long-term will help them sustain success year after year. Three players that I have in mind for this are Jerry Jeudy, Quinn Meinerz, and Patrick Surtain II. Both Meinerz and Surtain are entering their third seasons in the NFL and both may play well enough to command a long-term extension.

Surtain is going to be the top in-house priority for Denver. He's going to take another step forward in 2023 and probably make another All-Pro. He'd be right to ask for more money than any other CB in NFL history, and there is no indication that Denver won't do this.

Quinn Meinerz's situation might be interesting, as Denver already has three massive OL contracts on their books with Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, and Mike McGlinchey. Would Denver pay another OL next year? They could and should, as Meinerz is one of the best guards in the NFL, but the guard spot is the least valuable of the OL positions.

There were rumblings that the team could have moved on from Garett Bolles this offseason, and with him being under contract for just two more seasons, the Broncos might prefer to move off of Bolles, pay Meinerz, and look elsewhere to reset their LT situation. At the end of the day, though, Bolles plays a much more valuable position than Meinerz, even though Meinerz is the better player.

Jerry Jeudy's situation is a bit different, as the Broncos have picked up his fifth-year option, but if Jeudy builds on his 2022 season and breaks the 1,000-yard mark in 2023, the Broncos would be smart to extend him.

There'd be a reason to believe he could be even better in 2024, the final year he'd be under contract, and the worst situation could arise where Jeudy ends up pricing himself out of Denver. The best thing that can happen here is Jeudy breaks out in Sean Payton's offense and the two sides hammer out a four or five-year contract extension, keeping him far away from free agency.

Denver being able to take care of their own, which is something George Paton has harped on for years, would be another dream scenario that could play out in 2024.

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