3 dream scenarios for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL offseason

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3 dream scenarios for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL offseason

Denver Broncos become a destination spot for free agents

There comes a point in a player's career when they perhaps have made a good bit of money and want to prioritize winning a Super Bowl. Obviously, those players want to play for the teams that are seen as Super Bowl contenders. They may even take a discount on their contract to come along for a Super Bowl run.

The second dream scenario that I would love to see play out for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL offseason is the team becoming one of those destination spots. The duo of Sean Payton and Russell Wilson works out in 2023, and as the offense bounces back, ends up as an efficient unit with more room to grow.

The defense sustains their success from 2023 and the Broncos become a true playoff team, but ends up being just short of that Super Bowl contender status. If that happens in 2023, expect the team to become a free agent destination, and expect Sean Payton, who spent a ton of money this year, to spend more next offseason to bring quality veterans to the team.

A big bonus is simply having Payton here, so I'd argue that Denver may already be a free agent destination. Payton is a true player's coach but also balances that with being an excellent head coach. He's won over 60% of his games and you can tell how much he can relate to his players. Have we ever heard a current or former player of Sean Payton's say a bad thing about him?

All Denver has to do in 2023 is show that improvement and once again become a winning football team. That angles them to become a true Super Bowl contender, and it would be a massive breath of fresh air to see veterans willingly coming to Denver to win a championship.