Former Broncos QB "All In" on Sean Payton as Head Coach

Former Denver Broncos Super Bowl champion quarterback Peyton Manning spoke about the Sean Payton hire
Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning / Daniel Boczarski/GettyImages

It's a P(at/ey/ay)ton thing in Denver! The team's General Manager is George Paton, the new head coach is Sean Payton, and Hall of Fame Super Bowl champion quarterback with the Broncos is Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning was signed by former Denver Broncos general manager and former quarterback John Elway during 2012 NFL Free Agency, and during his time in Denver, he won one MVP Award, one offensive Player of the Year award, two All-Pros, three Pro Bowls, and made it to two Super Bowls (48 & 50), winning Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. Additionally, he made the Playoffs in every season with Denver.

Speaking of Peyton Manning, he recently spoke at his Passing Academy, regarding some comments/thoughts he had about the Sean Payton hire as the Denver Broncos' 20th franchise head coach.

Manning said that he was "All-In" for Sean before Denver even hired him, especially when he retired from football and went to FOX as an analyst, Peyton additionally said ...

""I could tell he wanted to get back in it. I could tell he was looking for a committed organization that gave him the great support that he got here in New Orleans from the Benson family. I think he definitely found that with the Broncos’ new ownership. They’re going to give him what he needs and what he wants.""

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning faced Sean Payton in Super Bowl 44 when he was the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. The Saints ended up winning the Lombardi Trophy in that game.

Sean Payton is a very experienced head coach and a Super Bowl champion. He is an artist to design offensive plays and is the perfect guy to bring Russell Wilson's Pro Bowl level back.

Can Sean Payton get the Denver Broncos back to the NFL Playoffs after a seven-year drought? Denver is actually the team with the second-most years without making the Playoffs, just behind the New York Jets (12)

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