3 draft picks Broncos got right and 2 moves they will regret

Which moves did the Broncos get right (and wrong) in the 2024 NFL Draft?
Denver Broncos
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The harsh reality of the NFL Draft is that few players selected in each class will end up becoming key starters or second-contract players. Take a look at the Denver Broncos' 2019 NFL Draft class, for example. This was widely considered one of John Elway's best draft classes after Super Bowl 50 when he landed Noah Fant, Dalton Risner, Drew Lock, and Dre'Mont Jones with his top four picks. That draft class also included Justin Hollins and Juwann Winfree.

Every one of those players is still in the league today -- none of them with the Denver Broncos. None of those players made it to a second contract in Denver, yet the Broncos were applauded as having one of the best draft classes in the league that year. So it goes in the NFL.

It's impossible to know this early exactly which picks the Broncos got right in the 2024 NFL Draft and which ones they got wrong, but we're going to do our best to predict it.

2024 draft picks the Broncos got right and decisions they got wrong

Broncos draft pick they got right: Bo Nix, QB

Let's start with the obvious here because the Denver Broncos obviously targeted Bo Nix in this class as their preferred option for Sean Payton and his offense.

Bo Nix is one of the most decorated quarterbacks to come from the college ranks to the NFL. The advantage some of these guys have nowadays is the extra year of eligibility due to the pandemic, but also the NCAA transfer rules. Nix was able to leave a situation in Auburn a year after the coach who recruited him there (Gus Malzahn) was fired and go to a preferable situation at Oregon.

Those two seasons at Oregon were huge for Nix, as he went from being an NFL Draft afterthought to one of the most coveted players in the 2024 class. With Nix's combination of processing ability, accuracy, mobility, and timing, he is expected to be an impact player right away.

Broncos draft pick they got right: Troy Franklin, WR

The selection of Troy Franklin is exciting for a variety of reasons. Sean Payton stated at the team's rookie minicamp that Franklin and Nix being college teammates has been a bit overblown, but you can't help but love the fact that the Broncos went out and got Nix his #1 target with the Ducks. It's just another sign of confirmation that this team is bought in fully to its first-round quarterback (as they should be).

Franklin was also one of the most ridiculous values in the entire NFL Draft. Pro Football Focus had Franklin ranked as the 29th-best player in the entire class, and the Broncos landed him with pick #102 overall. He has outstanding speed, after-the-catch ability, and chemistry with the 1st-round QB. What's not to love?

Broncos draft pick they got right: Audric Estimé, RB

The Denver Broncos took Notre Dame running back Audric Estimé with one of their fifth-round picks, and his inclusion in this draft class is really exciting. After struggling badly last year to get the ground game going, the Broncos recognized the need for a player who can create yardage after contact, and Estimé is exactly that.

He had nearly 900 yards after contact last year at Notre Dame, and while he's obviously going up against college talent, consider that Javonte Williams had 372 yards after contact last season. He was in the top 10 of this category in his rookie year back in 2021 (nearly 500 yards after contact).

Broncos draft move they will regret: Jonah Elliss, EDGE

To be clear, I don't think the Broncos' selection of Jonah Elliss was a bad one, but there are reasons to potentially poke some holes in it. A shoulder injury prevented Elliss from doing full workouts over the course of the offseason, and the Broncos have just had some bad luck with injury-prone guys in general in recent years.

Factor in also that Elliss was somewhat of a one-year wonder at Utah, and there's inherent risk involved with this pick in the top 100. The Broncos adding to the EDGE group wasn't a bad idea, but it's also fair to wonder whether or not Elliss is even going to be able to play as a rookie.

I still like this pick, but it was one of the riskier moves by the Broncos in this class.

Broncos draft move they will regret: Passing on offensive tackles yet again

The Denver Broncos have not selected an offensive tackle in the NFL Draft since they took Garett Bolles with the 17th overall pick in 2017. That's a long time to go without drafting any individual position, much less one of the most important in the game.

The Broncos have tried filling the gap at right tackle through free agency, and they've added depth guys through other means as well. Still, not drafting any tackles for seven years has got to be one of the wildest streaks in the NFL right now. Eventually, not having that level of talent at the tackle position could catch up to the Broncos.

They'd better hope guys like Frank Crum, Alex Palczewski, and Demontrey Jacobs continue to progress.