3 massive mistakes Denver Broncos might regret after 2024 NFL Draft

Could the Denver Broncos have ended up making these massive mistakes during the 2024 NFL Draft?
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The 2024 NFL Draft is now officially in the books, and it looks like the Denver Broncos got a great haul, but could they have some regrets in the future? It'll take several years before we can definitively say whether or not this Broncos draft class ends up being legitimate.

Obviously, the hope is that this can be a foundational class for the future, but you just never know. There isn't such a thing as a perfect draft class, and the Broncos isn't close to it. However, there's quite a bit to like on the surface about what the team did and the players they brought in.

Besides the obvious with Bo Nix, Denver also drafted his college teammate, WR Troy Franklin, and added another EDGE rusher to the mix, so it's clear that Denver went into the 2024 NFL Draft with a plan. Could the Broncos, however, end up regretting some of their choices years down the road?

3 massive mistakes Denver Broncos might regret after 2024 NFL Draft

1. Maybe Bo Nix isn't the answer

Soon after Bo Nix was taken, Ben Allbright had tweeted that Nix was third on the Broncos QB ranking, behind only Jayden Daniels and Caleb Williams. Even though Nix was the sixth QB taken in the first round, he was third on the Broncos board, and I do believe a lot of the aftermath of the Nix selection pertains to him being the last QB of the first round taken.

But my gosh, that does not matter at all. What matters is where the Broncos themselves had Nix ranked, but there is always a chance Bo Nix ends up not making it in the NFL, and that might leave Denver regretting the selection. Nix isn't a special athlete and is kind of a boring prospect in that regard.

Someone like JJ McCarthy went just two picks before Nix. McCarthy was lower on the Broncos board, but he's also three years younger than Nix and has a higher ceiling. If Nix does not work out but McCarthy does, the Broncos might end up wishing they had gone in a different direction.