3 changes Denver Broncos must make if they lose in Week 4

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If the Broncos go on and drop their Week 4 game to the Bears, the team will need to make some serious changes. They would drop to 0-4, with just five wins and 17 losses with Russell Wilson under center, and be heading straight towards another losing and playoff-less season. The Broncos, who could be an 0-4 team, would be on Caleb Williams watch.

They would be shifting gears towards college football on Saturdays, with a serious shot at the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. If the Broncos drop to 0-4, there will be no excuses to not make changes. Here are three changes the Broncos need to make if they fall to 0-4 to open the 2023 season.

1) Tank

Calling Caleb Williams. If the Broncos lose in week four, they need to commit to the tank. A season that starts with back-to-back brutal home losses, a 70-burger being hung up by the Dolphins, and a loss to the dysfunctional Bears would be completely lost. Sean Payton's first year could not be off to a worse start, but he can start to implement his vision more and more if he can bring in his own higher-level draft picks. The extra leg up here for the Broncos would be that their main competition for the first overall pick would be the Bears, a team that they would have lost to in this hypothetical situation.

Another aspect of the tank would be getting more playing time for the rookies and younger players. The Broncos have a plethora of younger players, but they should get more of them playing time if they drop to 0-4. This should start on the defensive side of the football with names like Matt Henningsen, Elijah Garcia, Nik Bonitto, Drew Sanders, and Riley Moss. The Broncos have foundational and massive struggles on the defensive side of the ball, but developing young and cheap talent on the defense would begin to solve a ton of the Broncos' defensive issues.