5 drastic changes the Denver Broncos could make defensively

- Change at CB?

- Rotating in some new pass rushers?

- Major changes to be made for Denver Broncos D

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After giving up 70 points, nobody on the Denver Broncos' defense should be safe. It's been slightly alarming that the Broncos haven't publicly declared any major changes defensively although, did we really expect them to? Vance Joseph, as far as any of us knows, is still calling the defense this weekend against the Chicago Bears.

Although the team isn't just going to come out and say what they're going to do for competitive advantage purposes, what changes could actually be made on the defensive side of the ball that would actually help? We saw Vic Fangio make some changes after a dismal start to the 2019 season including inserting linebacker Alexander Johnson and cornerback De'Vante Bausby into the lineup.

Did those guys end up as superstars? No, but that's not the point. The point is, there were some nice immediate returns, and it proved that poor play defensively wasn't going to be tolerated. In that same spirit, what are some changes that could be made to this 2023 team that could provide a spark?

5 major changes for the Denver Broncos defense

1. Give Riley Moss a shot at cornerback

After a bit of an acclimation period, it's probably time to get rookie Riley Moss on the field, isn't it? I think the Broncos have done poorly enough against the pass to throw him out there and see where he's at, right?

Moss was injured early in training camp and had to miss about five weeks before returning to the practice field. When he was at Iowa, Moss was a four-year starter and ballhawk in that Iowa secondary, consistently playing with outstanding technique and physicality. The Broncos could use that right about now as 2022 fourth-round pick Damarri Mathis, the team's unquestioned starter all offseason, has been horrendous in the first three games of the year.

Perhaps the team is going to continue to roll with Mathis, but they should definitely see if Riley Moss, who they traded up to get in the third round this year, has what it takes to jump up the depth chart as a rookie.