Crazy conspiracy theory allows Broncos to land Caleb Williams in 2024 NFL Draft

Could the Denver Broncos already be purposely losing?

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The Denver Broncos are a bad football team currently. Could this outlandish conspiracy theory about the team and the defense actually end up being true? OK, bear with me on this one. Could the Denver Broncos and Sean Payton be angling toward landing Caleb Williams in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Obviously, the most important piece of this puzzle is Williams eventually declaring for the coming NFL Draft, which is very likely going to happen. Yes, dysfunctional teams usually land the #1 pick in NFL Drafts, but perhaps 2024 could be different.

So, there's a conspiracy theory that I have seen floating around on social media about the Denver Broncos knowingly fielding a bad defense--so bad that it helps them win a few games and allows them to secure the #1 overall pick in 2024. Here's a good thread about this theory. Yes, Mario was likely saying this in jest, but the theory itself makes a bit of sense when you think about it.

Just take a minute and read through this thread. Yes, it's ridiculous to even consider that the Denver Broncos would do this, but when you start connecting the pieces...

Mario goes on to say that Payton thinks highly of Caleb Williams, and Payton is on record calling him a generational talent. He says further that Payton hired Vance Joseph knowing that he's never fielded a good defense, but that Payton will also be taking credit for fixing the offense, which already looks much better than it did in 2022.

Fixing the offense also means fixing Russell Wilson. And right now, Russell Wilson is currently on pace to throw for 34 touchdowns and over 4,000 yards. Wilson looks really good, and if Payton can help keep Wilson at this level of play, you never know, maybe there is a desperate team in 2024 that would be willing to take Wilson off of the Denver Broncos' hands for a draft pick. Russell Wilson is cooking and is a crucial part of this conspiracy theory.

Payton also did say that he thinks the NFL may end up implementing some type of lottery system like we see in the NBA to prevent teams from blatantly tanking. Well, did Payton say this knowing that he'd eventually be back coaching in the NFL again? Did he say all of this knowing that if he played his cards right, he could end up with Caleb Williams?


Well, the Denver Broncos fit the mold of a team that could use a young QB. They have an aging one in Russell Wilson and have their first-round pick in 2024. With Williams likely opting for the NFL in 2024, Payton's plan could already be underway. Now, this potential theory that Sean Payton is purposely making the Denver Broncos a bad football team on one side of the ball to land the top pick in 2024 is insane when you think about it.

In fact, the likeliness of this being accurate is about .000000001%, but nonetheless, it's fun to talk about. Right now, the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears, the two worst teams in football, face off in Week 4 in what some have called "The Caleb Williams Tank Bowl." Well, could the Broncos actually be tanking?

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