Three best-case scenarios for the Broncos in Week 4

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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It can't get any worse, right? Well, what if it can. The Broncos want to forget week three against the Dolphins, but they will need to put on a strong showing against the Bears in order to do so. The Broncos defense gave up 70 points, the offense turned the ball over three times, one of their two touchdowns was on special teams, Sean Payton snapped at reporters, and somehow it could still get worse. However, if the Broncos are somehow going to turn this season around, it starts at 1 PM on Sunday in Chicago. Here are three best-case scenarios for the Broncos in week four.

1) Win

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This one might be far fetched. Just kidding, maybe not against the Bears. The Broncos suffered a historic defeat in week three that everyone in Dove Valley is ready to move on from. The Broncos, a team that entered the year with some aspirations for a playoff push, are now becoming much more attentive watchers of college football on Saturdays. Coincidentally enough, the team that the Broncos figure to be jockeying with for the first overall pick is the Bears. While the Broncos have been embarrassing on the field, the Bears have been embarrassing off the field. Truly, the case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. Thank-A-Thon fans, be ready. Things could get ugly in Chicago this weekend.

If things get ugly, that figures to benefit the Broncos. The Broncos have had some success with their pass rush, and their offensive line has had its moments. The offensive weapons have played solid games, and the defensive front stepped up for a few big plays so far this season. However, the Broncos are yet to play a complete game and sit winless in the last week of the month.

An ugly and messy game might end up benefitting the Broncos, however. The Broncos have tons of experience on their coaching staff and their offensive side. The Bears still have a relatively young and inexperienced quarterback and a first time head coach. The experience and successful past the Broncos bring to the table might make for an ability to win ugly games and squeak out wins they otherwise might not.