3 Broncos veterans who could lose their starting job to a rookie

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It's that time of year when NFL veterans and rookies step on the field together for the first time at OTAs. This is the first exposure coaches are getting to their full 90-man roster on the field at the same time, but obviously, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt because players aren't in pads and it's not quite "real" football yet. But ideas for rookies taking the jobs of veterans could be planted in the minds of decision-makers at this time of year. For the Denver Broncos, there may be a few veterans that need to be put on notice.

The Broncos have a small rookie class, but they undoubtedly have some players who could come in and steal starting jobs early on. Which veterans need to be watching their backs now that the rookies have arrived?

Let's pick the top three.

Denver Broncos veterans who could have their job taken by a rookie

1. Tim Patrick/Courtland Sutton, WR

Oddly enough, I think the top pick of the Denver Broncos' 2023 rookie class is arguably the most overlooked of the crop. Because Marvin Mims plays the wide receiver position, and because the Broncos are pretty top-heavy (when healthy) at wide receiver, I don't think a lot of people view Mims as much of a threat to be a 'starter' in 2023. But I'm here to tell you he might just be a threat to steal a lot of snaps.

In fact, it wouldn't shock me to see Mims be one of the top three receivers in Denver this year when it comes to overall snaps played. The Broncos didn't draft Mims to ride the pine. Of course, he will have to earn his playing time, but this is a player they traded up to get. He will start off returning punts, but don't be shocked if Mims starts to see an increased role much earlier than people anticipated.