Marvin Mims Jr is more than just speed for Denver Broncos

Iowa State v Oklahoma
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The Denver Broncos make the deep threat splash pick by selecting wide receiver Marvin Mims out of Oklahoma.

The wide receiver room has been all the noise in this off-season and the Denver Broncos decided to draft another body for that room. There’s been so much speculation surrounding both wide receivers Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy's future in the Mile High City. The team may still move on from one of them but it would be wise to look another direction for that. 

Denver made a trade up with Detroit to have picks 63 and 183 for 68 and 138 in the NFL Draft this year to select Oklahoma wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr. hoping he can add that burst for the wide receiver room. Mims Jr. averaged 20 yards per catch in not just one season by back to back seasons for the Sooners. Mims did not have Caleb Williams last year but he also tallied 1,000+ yards receiving in 2022. When you average one 20 yards per catch it’s also no mistake that Mims is a fast wideout who has exceptional hands. 

With those strong hands, Mims finds himself to also play much bigger than his size indicates at five foot eleven. Emmanuel Sanders has been a steady comparison with Mims and in those sturdy, reliable hands it is understandable why. Another underrated aspect of Mims is he’s a willing run blocker. That’s pretty rare for a player of the measurables like Mims at wide receiver. Mims is not a Courtland Sutton in size or that frame, but he is not afraid to mix it up with those corners to make the contested catch in traffic. This is certainly an area Denver has lacked in attacking the football at its highest point. 

It would not be a surprise in the least bit if Jerry Jeudy and Marvin Mims are wide receivers one and two for the Denver Broncos going forward. The potential of Mims as number two wideout really shines with his route running. Mims is not a Jeudy talent with route running, but he’s crisp and fluid to help separate from defensive backs. That kind of smooth operation affords a quarterback enough wiggle room to make the needed throw for the wide receiver. Mims Jr was one of the well regarded prospects to come from Texas and became a first-team All-Big 12 selection. Mims also adds value to special teams which Denver Broncos needs in a big way for the team in 2023 and beyond. 

It’s unclear what this could mean for some wide receivers in that room like Montrell Washington or KJ Hamler, but it is hard to ignore a player like Mims and the potential of that kid as an outside wide receiver. This brings us back to the origin point of this article. If the Denver Broncos choose to move on from a player like Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy, there’s a person waiting in the wings with Marvin Mims Jr. to assume that kind of role. 

Mims Jr. will be a fun watch in Denver.

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