3 Broncos starters in 2023 the team needs to replace in 2024

The Denver Broncos are currently riding a five-game win streak. However, there are a few positions that need to be improved upon next year

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The Denver Broncos have turned a huge corner and are the hottest team in the NFL. This may pave the way for the team to be aggressive next offseason. Could they replace a few current starters next year? Well, the answer is going to be yes. That's just how it works in the NFL. The Broncos will be no different next offseason.

And next offseason could be shaping up to be an enjoyable one. The team spent a ton of money this past offseason in bolstering the offensive line, defensive line, and backup QB spots. Well, given how the 2023 season has gone thus far, the team may be able to heavily dip into free agency next offseason. They also have their own first-round pick in 2024, so they could find a day-one starter with that pick.

The Broncos are surely going to be replacing a few current starters in 2024. Which ones are the most likely to be replaced?

The Denver Broncos may look to replace CB Fabian Moreau

The Denver Broncos pulled Damarri Mathis from the starting lineup and have since inserted Fabian Moreau. It's gone well thus far, as Moreau has played much better than Mathis did, who was constantly giving up huge plays. I would be interested to see Mathis switch to being a safety, but that's for a different story.

Anyway, Moreau is a free agent at the end of the year and 30 years old in April. I think Moreau coming back on a two-year deal to serve as a CB3 would make a ton of sense, but the Broncos finding someone younger and with more upside makes a ton of sense to me. There are some decent names on the free agent CB market in 2024 and surely some nice prospects to look at in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Nothing against Fabian Moreau, but he might not be starting Week 1 for the Denver Broncos in 2024.