Denver Broncos rookie Montrell Washington can be a fan favorite

Denver Broncos, Montrell Washington - Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos, Montrell Washington - Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

People love a story of an underdog and for the Denver Broncos, there’s one player who is easy to root for immediately as a rookie.

The Denver Broncos have had plenty of fan favorites run through the tunnel of Mile High Stadium. Denver’s fifth-round selection Montrell Washington will find himself in the conversation from the jump.

Washington brings an infectious energy and juice to a locker room that seems to have changed immediately with the hire of George Paton, Nathaniel Hackett, and the trade of Russell Wilson.

His energy is something that can travel to every person on the roster with his attitude and play. Maybe the final reason why Washington falls into the category of “easy to root for” and “fan favorite” is he has the right head on his shoulders to start a career in NFL.

Selected in the fifth round, pick 162, Washington became the first offensive player taken from Samford University.

Assistant Head Coach Ricky Turner spoke to MHRT Network’s Glenn Hauser about Washington. He further continued to elaborate on Washington’s personality and performance on the field.

Washington has a likable personality. Furthermore, he lives and breathes football. Washington is a joy to be around according to Turner.

Turner continued to say Washington will work hard and handle any workload given to him.

As a player, Washington presents a fascinating dynamic to the Denver Broncos wide receiver room. If I was a betting man to figure out who a day one starter is from the NFL Draft this year, it would be Washington.

The quickest way for him to see the field is through special teams. Washington would contribute as both starting kickoff returner and starting punt returner.

Lewis Freeman, Director of Football Operations, mentioned to Hauser that Denver is getting a player who could bring the Devin Hester to the room of special teams.

In 2021, Washington led all FCS players in All-Purpose yards (1,938 total), 813 receiving yards, 742 kick return yards, 243 punt return yards, and 140 rushing yards. The touchdowns he accumulated in that one season were 18 including three on special teams.

The 2021 season proved he belongs in the NFL. For some NFL rookie players, there are breakout games and for a college prospect, it is a breakout game that can get him drafted.

Washington’s game versus the Florida Gators was one of the most impressive games from a prospect all season. He registered 338 yards himself in one single game.

Washington proved on a big stage he can be a dynamic dual-threat player. He showed he’s a wide receiver along with being a threat on special teams.

In watching the game from Florida it is shocking to see a player bigger than 170 pounds. The touchdown from the game showed he has an underrated strength and physicality for him to play tougher than a typical small wideout.

It is unclear the plan for Washington in the Broncos’ offensive playbook, but one thing is for sure. He is a dynamic weapon like KJ Hamler. An offensive guru head coach would understand how to maximize every single playmaker on the roster.

This means there should be designed plays for both Hamler and Washington.

Washington will take it one step at a time as you’d expect being a rookie and it is the right approach. It is like being hired for a job and starting your first week or so at the position.

The person will not come in and act like he owns the place. He must first understand his role with the company and first build camaraderie with the new teammates.

It’s a commendable approach to starting and more importantly the right one. This also speaks to who Washington is as a person.

As we said earlier from his Assistant Head Coach, Washington is a likable person who has the drive to be a successful player in the NFL.

I don’t know about you, but it seems Washington has the right head on his shoulders and it will be a joy rooting for him to succeed as a member of the Denver Broncos.