Worst losses for Broncos in each season since winning Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos have been a poor team since winning Super Bowl 50, missing the playoffs in seven straight seasons. These losses have been the ugliest in that time.
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In addition to missing the playoffs in seven straight seasons — something that no Super Bowl-winning team has ever done — the Broncos have been through four head coaches and have 11 different quarterbacks start at least one game in that timeframe.

The team has posted a 44-70 (.386) and it is easily the worst stretch in team history since the AFL days of the 1960s.

Looking back across the last seven seasons, I have pulled one terrible loss from each. While these won't be as fun to talk about as the best wins over the last seven seasons, these are the Broncos that have taken the field since hoisting that Lombardi Trophy after that massive win over the Carolina Panthers so many moons ago.

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Denver Broncos worst loss in 2016: Week 16 at Kansas City Chiefs

33. 124. Final. 10. 45. 2016

The Broncos were actually not a bad team in 2016, the year after winning the Super Bowl. They started 4-0 that year and looked like a contender even without Peyton Manning, but this loss put a final dagger in a terrible finish.

This game took place on Christmas night in Arrowhead and the Broncos were thoroughly dominated from start to finish. The Broncos had already lost a tough game to the Chiefs earlier in the season, a game that went to overtime.

The Broncos were still pushing for a playoff spot at this stage of the season and held an 8-6 record entering the game, but after an embarrassing 23-point defeat in front of a national audience, the season was basically over.

The Broncos did manage to beat the Raiders to close the season and finish at 9-7, but that wasn't good enough for a spot in the postseason. Head coach Gary Kubiak stepped down after the season as well.