Why Russell Wilson is a perfect fit for this NFC South team

Is Russell Wilson a perfect fit for this NFC South team?

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos might be moving on from Russell Wilson this coming offseason. Could he be a perfect fit for this NFC South team? Right now, I guess there is still a chance that Wilson is back under center for the Broncos in 2024. His contract is obviously the huge sticking point here, but perhaps there is a solution for both sides.

If not, you'll likely see Russell Wilson cut and a free agent for the first time in his career. Even though Wilson would be entering his age-36 season, he still showed that he has something left in the tank. Furthermore, I think a few teams that have been totally dysfunctional in recent years would love the idea of grabbing someone like Russell Wilson for a year or two.

And when you look at the possible new teams for Wilson in 2024, I think one of them sticks out as being the most obvious fit. Ever since Matt Ryan was traded to the Indianapolis Colts, the Atlanta Falcons have not been able to find stability under center. Former head coach Arthur Smith was recently fired after three-straight 7-10 seasons.

And in each of those seasons, the QB spot was shaky at best. However, in 2023, the Falcons did boast some encouraging aspects of their team. The run game ranked 9th in the NFL in yards with a nasty RB duo of Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier. The team also has two big-play pass catchers in Drake London and Kyle Pitts.

The offensive line is solid, and the has a ton of talent. If you combine all of that with the Falcons playing in a controlled environment in a dome and just how weak the rest of the division is, the best fit for Russell Wilson in 2024 might be in Atlanta.

I would also add that Falcons GM Terry Fontenot, in my opinion, needs to field a winning team this year or could be at risk of losing his job. The odds that the Falcons hit on a day-one rookie QB starter is low, and they could benefit from adding someone like Russell Wilson to the QB room.

This would still keep them in a position to draft a rookie QB and have Wilson serve as a short-term solution, and in the NFC South, the Falcons truly might be a QB away from being a competent team once again. Could the Falcons be a perfect fit for Russell Wilson in 2024?