Why is everyone all of a sudden so low on the 2024 Denver Broncos?

Make it make sense.
Denver Broncos Mandatory Minicamp
Denver Broncos Mandatory Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

There has been virtually nothing but negativity from the NFL landscape when talking about the 2024 Denver Broncos, but it just does not make sense. What am I missing here? With Russell Wilson not exactly lighting the world on fire in Pittsburgh, and Bo Nix very much holding his own thus far, the Denver Broncos still seem to be thought of as a laughingstock heading into the 2024 NFL Season, but why?

No matter where you look, you are bound to find power rankings that have the Broncos near the bottom of the league, and even the betting world has the Denver Broncos 2024 win total quite low. It's weird; and it's not entirely clear where people have gotten the idea that Denver is going to regress in 2024.

My goodness, this team scrapped together eight wins after starting 1-5. They had a historically bad defense for nearly half the season, a bottom-10 QB, and no consistent pass rush. You could argue that at every weaker spot of the Broncos roster, they got better. Along the defensive line, they brought in John Franklin-Myers, a plus starter, and two quality backups in Angelo Blackson and Malcolm Roach.

They improved their WR and RB rooms with additions like Josh Reynolds, Troy Franklin, and Audric Estime. Even in the secondary, another shaky spot in 2023, Denver added guys like Levi Wallace, Brandon Jones, and Kris Abrams-Draine in the 2024 NFL Draft. Denver didn't go balls to the wall, if you will, and bring in a ton of elite talent, but what they did do is bring in modest talent that filled the needs on their roster.

The roster is clearly in a better spot now than it was at this point in 2023, and it's not at all hard to argue that Bo Nix can be an immediate upgrade over Russell Wilson. To me, it's odd and frankly not fair to the Broncos that the NFL landscape largely seems low on the team. However, I guess the Broncos would not hate being viewed as the underdogs or being counted out.

The team won eight games last year and were right in the middle of the AFC Wild Card chase for weeks. Let's have some perspective here about the 2024 Denver Broncos,