Which teams do Broncos match up with best at NFL Trade Deadline

Denver Broncos
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3) ... Kansas City Chiefs

This one hurts, but is true. The Chiefs are learning the hard way that developing offensive talent is still difficult, even when you have an all-time coach, quarterback, and tight end. The Chiefs, somehow, have one of the worst group of wide receivers in football this year. They have already started their journey to fixing that by reuniting with Mecole Hardman, but the team still lacks offensive weapons. Aside from Kelce and Pacheco, the Chiefs lack legitimate offensive weapons that are proven in the NFL. Enter the Denver Broncos, their inter-division rival that they have beaten 16 straight games.

The Broncos' offense still boasts multiple legitimate offensive weapons, and as a whole has been much better in 2023. The Chiefs, to this point, only really have two healthy and dependable wideouts, a great tight end, and one great running back. Their offense lacks depth and a true number-one receiver.


As has been bandied about by some publications, the Chiefs make sense for a receiver such as Jerry Jeudy. Jeudy will be a popular target, considering he also has 2024 left on his contract. Jeudy would also become the immediate top receiver in Kansas City and would have his best chance to meet his true potential. As for the Broncos, it would open them up to more playing time for Marvin Mims and other younger receivers they want to showcase and develop more. However, Jeudy with Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid would hurt for a lot of reasons.

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