Which teams do Broncos match up with best at NFL Trade Deadline

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As the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline approaches, the Denver Broncos figure to be one of the more active teams, considering their top-heavy roster, players on expiring contracts, and impact veterans. The Broncos could make a multitude of moves, ranging all over the field and on both sides of the ball.

That being said, it takes two teams to make a move: here are three teams the Broncos match up with the best for the 2023 NFL Trading Deadline.

3 teams Denver Broncos match up with best at NFL trade deadline

1) Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles need help in a few places, and the Broncos have some pieces to move. The Eagles, for all that they are great at, are struggling in the secondary. Their safeties are worrisome, and if they aren't underperforming, they are hurt. This could lead them to the Broncos, who have two safeties that could be moved at the deadline: Kareem Jackson and Justin Simmons.

Jackson is in the final year of his contract in Denver and has defied father time to remain a hard-hitting, starting safety in the NFL at the advanced age of 35. Jackson is in his 14th year in the league, his fifth in Denver, and is still making plays. The veteran leads the Broncos in interceptions through six weeks with two, tying his season-high as a Bronco.

Simmons, on the other hand, is a career-long Bronco who is preparing to enter his thirties but has been the anchor of a Broncos defense since being drafted in 2016, and becoming a starter in 2017. Simmons has recorded 28 interceptions since his rookie year, one of the best marks in the year.

Simmons still has 2024 left on his contract, but moving on from the veteran captain after 2023 could save the team around $15 million against the 2024 salary cap. This would allow the Broncos to get ahead of moving on from the safety, while still recouping assets in draft picks and/or players before eventually cutting the former Boston College Eagle.