What would a Patrick Surtain II contract extension look like for the Broncos?

What would a contract extension look like for PS2?

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The Denver Broncos probably want to extend Patrick Surtain II and make him the highest paid CB in football, but what would this extension look like? Drafting and developing players is one of the best, most sustainable things an NFL franchise can do, and the Broncos have the best DB in the NFL in Surtain.

He's in his third year in the NFL and is still only 23 years old. This kid is truly special and as crazy as it sounds, has a realistic shot at making the Hall of Fame if his trajectory keeps going in the way it has been. The Broncos will have to do some gymnastics to get themselves some breathing room with their cap space, and they certainly will want to prioritize the extension.

Surtain is a core player and plays a key position in the NFL, so unless the Broncos want to trade PS2 in a hypothetical package to move up to No. 1 overall pick in 2024, he should remain in Denver for his entire career.

Honestly, I think his contract extension projection is rather simple to predict. Since he's 23, you'll likely see it being five years in length. The total value and average annual value are definitely going to be up there. There are two CBs in the NFL whose contract value is at least $100 million, Denzel Ward and Jalen Ramsey.

And frankly, Surtain is much better than each player. He's also younger than each. Both Ward and Ramsey are the only two who make at least $20 million per year, in terms of total guarantees. Ward and Ramsey are the only two who see at least $70 million in guaranteed money.

So I'd expect Surtain to eclipse all of the numbers I just spelled out. If it's a five year deal, I'd bet $25 million per season is what you'd see on a deal for Surtain. That'd put the total value of the contract at $125 million. That seems steep, but this is how contracts work for top players. The market for these contracts typically reset and one-up each other as players become due for the extensions.

And I think with the guaranteed money, you should expect to see that number creep towards $80 million, in my opinion. Gang, I know these numbers seem very high, but that's going to be what Patrick Surtain II is going to fetch in a contract extension. If we put these numbers together as you'd see in a breaking news headline from Adam Schefter, it'd look like this:

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five years, $125 million, with $80 million guaranteed.

Do you think this would be a good contract for both sides?