PFF thinks prolific college passer is a good fit for the Denver Broncos

This might be the perfect time for the Denver Broncos to get their franchise QB.

Denver Broncos
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The 2024 NFL Draft quarterback class seems to be pretty deep, and the Denver Broncos would be wise to take advantage of such a deep class. For years, the Denver Broncos tried and failed to replace the QB excellence of Peyton Manning. They trotted out countless washed veterans and other retreads.

Well, the 2024 NFL Draft is the first draft that the Denver Broncos have their first-round pick since 2021, and this QB class seems to be pretty deep. With Sean Payton now in town, the Broncos have an established, successful offensive mind who clearly has a functioning offensive system. And depending on who you ask, someone like Oregon's Bo Nix could be a perfect fit for Payton's system.

PFF seems to think that Nix would be a great fit:

"With Russell Wilson now on the bench and on his way out of Denver, the Broncos need a new quarterback. The problem is, I can’t in all good conscience put Caleb Williams or Drake Maye here knowing how much it would take to move up that high in the draft. If they stay in the middle of the first round, where they are projected to pick, Nix would be an ideal option. Nix has legit NFL arm strength in both distance and velocity, as well as added mobility with his legs. He’s also the most experienced college quarterback of all time with 60 games as a starter. He and Sean Payton could work well together."

Trevor Sikkema

Nix is a senior and has thrown for over 100 touchdowns and 15,000 yards at the collegiate level. He's got tons of experience, is a winner, and is a graduate, which are things that Sean Payton's mentor, Bill Parcells looked for when scouting QBs. Nix isn't the biggest player, as he stands just 6'2" tall and weighs about 215 pounds, but his size isn't a total red flag.


Honestly, it would be malpractice if the Broncos did not come away with one of the top QB prospects in 2024. I understand that some in Broncos Country might not be used to seeing the Broncos take a top college QB, so your skepticism about it and who would be a good prospect is warranted, but I personally trust Sean Payton to get this right.

Bo Nix might be the perfect QB for the Broncos.

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