Broncos might have a secret formula for drafting a QB in 2024

Do the Denver Broncos have a secret formula to draft a franchise passer?

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The Denver Broncos might draft a QB near the top of the 2024 NFL Draft, and they could have a secret formula for finding their guy. The Russell Wilson era did not work out, and after years of trying other team's QBs, it might just be time for Denver to bring in their own guy in the 2024 NFL Draft. With Sean Payton running the show, the team has shown a ton of improvement.

They could finish with a 9-8 record in 2023, which would be their first winning season since 2016 and would be almost double their win total from 2022, when they finished 5-12. The roster definitely needs a bit of work, and it'll be centered around bringing in a QB to be the long-term answer. Well, Payton is an offensive guru and surely has a solid idea of what to look for in a QB.

For those who do not know, one of Payton's main and biggest mentors was and is legendary coach Bill Parcells. Parcells old-school coaching style is what Payton does, and it's a huge reason why both coaches at a ton of success at the NFL level. Well, this is what Parcells liked when looking at college QBs. In fact, he had a list of requirements for them:

This is what Bill Parcells looked for with QBs, and you bet that Sean Payton is going to follow this list to some degree. Unless something major happens, the Broncos will likely not be able to draft guys like Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, as those two passers are likely going within the top three selections of the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Broncos might have to look at the tier two guys like Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr, JJ McCarthy, and others. Well, someone who stands out as satisfying all of this is Bo Nix. Nix began his college career at Auburn, graduated in three years, and transferred to Oregon. Over his college career, Nix is near the top of a plethora of QB categories. He played and started in 61 games between the two schools.

He's obviously a senior as well, and his teams have won 43 starts with him under center. He's also a five-year starter at the college level and has thrown over 100 touchdowns and 15,000 yards in CFB. When you look at the Parcells criteria that Sean Payton might use and the fact that Bo Nix satisfies it all, it's hard to envision the Broncos not at least showing a ton of interest in the player.


Could this formula for drafting QBs help the Denver Broncos in 2024?

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