What needs to happen for a Bronco to be on the Madden cover?

Bills QB Josh Allen
Bills QB Josh Allen / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

The Madden video game cover athlete for the 2024 game edition was announced a few days ago, and it is Bills' quarterback Josh Allen.

Josh Allen became the first-ever Buffalo Bills player to be on a Madden Cover. The Madden video game was first released in 1988 for PC, and in 1992 it was first released for Super Nintendo. Year by year, the video game has been evolving, in 2000, it was the first time that a player not named John Madden appeared on the cover alone.

The cover athlete year by year has been:

  • 1988: John Madden
  • 1990: John Madden
  • 1991: John Madden
  • 1992: John Madden
  • 1993: John Madden
  • 1994: John Madden + an edition with Erick Williams & Karl Wilson
  • 1995: John Madden
  • 1996: John Madden
  • 1997: John Madden
  • 1998: John Madden & Garrison Hearst
  • 1999: John Madden with Barry Sanders and Dorsey Levens
  • 2000: Eddie George
  • 2001: Daunte Culpepper
  • 2002: Marshall Faulk
  • 2003: Michael Vick
  • 2004: Ray Lewis
  • 2005: Donovan McNabb
  • 2006: Shaun Alexander
  • 2007: Vince Young
  • 2008: Brett Favre
  • 2009: Troy Polamalu & Larry Fitzgerald
  • 2010: Drew Brees
  • 2011: Peyton Hills
  • 2012: Calvin Johnson
  • 2013: Barry Sanders & Adrian Peterson
  • 2014: Richard Sherman
  • 2015: Odell Beckham Jr
  • 2016: Rob Gronkowski
  • 2017: Tom Brady
  • 2018: Antonio Brown
  • 2019: Patrick Mahomes
  • 2020: Lamar Jackson
  • 2021: Tom Brady & Patrick Mahomes
  • 2022: John Madden
  • 2023: Josh Allen

No Denver Bronco has appeared on the video game cover since it was released, at least on the PC and Console games. Von Miller appeared in the 2017 Madden Mobile edition. With that being said ...

What needs to happen for a Broncos player to be featured on the video game cover?

Can they do a Legends edition with Peyton Manning on it? From the 2023 Denver Broncos' roster, I think that there are four guys that could make it one day:

Patrick Surtain II, Jerry Jeudy, Russell Wilson, and Javonte Williams.

Why do I think that these are the Broncos with better chances? Well, because if you see the previous covers, most of the featured athletes are quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and cornerbacks. I think that Surtain has the better chance because he has become one of the best corners in the entire NFL.

But what really needs to happen? For Surtain, All-Pro, Pro Bowler, lead the NFL in interceptions? For Jeudy, over 1,200 yards, 10+ touchdowns, All-Pro? For Wilson, 30+ passing TDs, under 15 interceptions, Pro Bowl? For Javonte, Pro Bowl, over 1,400 rushing yards, and 8+ touchdowns?

No one really knows ... but, will a Bronco be on a Madden cover soon?

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