What the Chiefs' dynasty means for the Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have cemented themselves as one of the greatest teams in league history. With three Super Bowl victories in the last five seasons, Denver's bitter rival has blossomed into the NFL's newest dynasty. Patrick Mahomes- who is already one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time- is on trajectory to become not just an NFL legend, but an American sports icon. It's a hard pill to swallow for Broncos Country who have watched a team they call "the Chefs" evolve into a seemingly invincible squad, but perhaps this dynasty is the kick in the butt Denver needs to get back to the NFL mountain top.

Over the last eight seasons, the Broncos have operated under the impression that they are just a few pieces away from contending for titles. With zero playoff appearances to show for in that span, it's safe to say the Broncos have overestimated its capabilities as a team. From Case Keenum to Russell Wilson, there has been a myriad of decisions made by different leaders in the front office that have led Denver to its current state- an overall talent-deficient team that handicapped its future in an attempt to take shortcuts to the top.

The Broncos have learned the hard way that leap-frogging to the top is not the best strategy. The Peyton Manning era in Denver gave Broncos Country the impression that one major piece is all it takes to go from bottom-feeder to contender, but there is only one Peyton Manning. The post-Manning Broncos have had to come to terms with a harsh reality- players like Manning do not fall from trees, and building a true contender typically takes a lot of time, patience and continuity.

Seeing a division rival build a dynasty with players they drafted and developed can serve not only as motivation, but a learning moment for the Broncos as an organization. This Chiefs team is what the Broncos will have to compete with for the next decade. There is no shortcut, no quick fix, the Broncos must commit to building a team made for sustained success, even if it takes several more years to get there.

The good news for the Broncos is that Sean Payton is in charge of most of the decisions. Payton understands what it takes to build a competitive team that can contend for years, he did it twice in New Orleans. Now, after just one season in Denver, Payton's fingerprints are all over the Broncos organization. He has already helped transform the culture, and fans should be excited for how he further shapes this team in year two.

For the Broncos, living in a world where the Chiefs are the class of the NFL is torture. Kansas City looks like it will contend for Super Bowls for the foreseeable future, but all dynasties eventually fall, sometimes when it's least expected. This is true not only in sports, but in the history of the world.

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Dynasties live and die, and a new one rises to take its place. Perhaps Denver will be next.