What are the 3 best moves of the Denver Broncos' offseason?

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The Denver Broncos have undergone a ton of change this offseason, and a few moves stick out more than the rest. Overall, I'm pleased with what the Broncos have done. I do not think it's been perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they've put themselves in position to be a viable team this year.

A few moves stick out to me as being the best that the team has made since the end of the 2022 season. In fact, I've seen quite a few national outlets peg the Broncos as a breakout team in 2023, so the team does appear to be gaining some steam from this offseason.

Let's look at the three best moves of the Denver Broncos' offseason thus far.

What are the three best moves of the Denver Broncos' offseason?
3. Adding viable bodies at wide receiver

The big issue with the Broncos' wide receiver core last year wasn't the top of the depth chart, but it was moreso the depth itself. Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, and Tim Patrick is a very good trio of wide receivers that can produce in an offense.

There really isn't much Denver could do to upgrade from that. However, Tim Patrick went down with a torn ACL during the offseason, and it seemed like the WR room was missing something the entire year. Patrick's role was sorely missed, and George Paton did not do enough with the backend depth to field a consistent unit.

To me, that was a huge mistake, but I think Paton and Sean Payton fixed that for 2023. Tim Patrick will return to the lineup for week one, Courtland Sutton will be another year removed from his torn ACL, and Jerry Jeudy should finally settle into the WR1 duties.

Not only that, but they added an underrated receiver in Marquez Callaway in free agency. Callaway had 698 yards and six touchdowns in 2021 playing for Sean Payton. That is legitimate production and I'm excited to see Callaway in the offense. They also added a speedster and potentially elite return man in Marvin Mims Jr in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Right now, the top five wide receivers for Denver look like this:

  • Jerry Jeudy
  • Courtland Sutton
  • Tim Patrick
  • Marvin Mims Jr
  • Marquez Callaway

The team carried six wide receivers on their initial 2022 roster, so we could slide one more player in there, but the top five look very, very good. This could come in handy if one of the top three pass catchers needs to miss some time in 2023.