Denver Broncos respond to being included in Ted Lasso scene

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The Denver Broncos haven't beaten the Kansas City Chiefs since 2015, but apparently, the winning streak and multiple Super Bowl titles in that timeframe for Chiefs fan Jason Sudeikis isn't quite enough. Not when you have a chance to kick the Broncos while they're down. Sudeikis, star of the hit Apple TV show Ted Lasso, portrays a character who is a Chiefs fan, but he himself is also a Chiefs fan in real life. Because he's also one of the writers of the show, he took the opportunity to take some jabs at the Denver Broncos (while also recognizing their greatness) in one of the most emotional scenes of the show to date.

For those who have not seen the show at all, I'll do my best to reveal the connection Ted Lasso made to the Denver Broncos without giving much away. But if you don't want any aspect of the show to be spoiled, you'd be better served coming back to this post at a later time.

During an emotional halftime speech to his team, Sudeikis' character Ted Lasso recalls a time in his life when he was growing up in Kansas with all Chiefs fans, except for one of his childhood friends, who was a Denver Broncos fan. He said that during the late 90s, when the Broncos were in the Super Bowl, his Broncos fan friend ended up watching the Super Bowl alone and pounded through an entire thing of seven-layer dip on his own as the Broncos won their first Super Bowl.

And then the next year, same thing -- another Super Bowl win, another seven-layer dip taken down by Ted Lasso's friend with no one to share it with (except the toilet, if you've seen the episode).

While making an emotional speech about how he should have been there with his friend, Lasso calls the Denver Broncos a "garbage a**" team. One of the greatest characters in the show, Jamie Tartt (played by actor Phil Dunster) immediately asks after the speech is done, "What the f*** are Denver Broncos?"

The clip, of course has been a viral topic of discussion among fans of the NFL and fans of Ted Lasso. It was a really emotional and moving scene and situation in the show as a whole, but also a clear shot at the Denver Broncos from the Chiefs fan Sudeikis.

It was pretty cool hearing the Denver Broncos get mentioned in such a renowned show, and although Lasso took his shots at the Broncos, he was also gracious enough to mention them winning back-to-back Super Bowls to remind us all of the greatest era in franchise history. Which would also serve as an era of misery and woe for AFC West rivals like the Chiefs.

The only thing better than being mentioned in the show, though, is the fact that the Denver Broncos responded to the scene on Twitter.

As of the time of this post being written, neither "Jamie Tartt" nor "Ted Lasso" have responded to the Denver Broncos reaching out in this way. The response by the Broncos, however, is absolutely flawless. The recreation of the scene of Ted Lasso's friend watching the Super Bowl with seven-layer dip in his parents' basement?

It's absolutely priceless.

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