Way too early look at Broncos 2025 cap space could be great news for the future

Let's look at the Broncos 2025 cap situation.
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Season has not even kicked off yet, but that won't stop us from taking an early look at the team's cap situation next offseason. The Broncos were careful with their cap space this offseason, as they have split up the $85 million dead cap hit from Russell Wilson's deal.

It'll be split over the 2024 and 2025 seasons, so after 2025, his contract will be off the books for good, which is amazing news. It's sad that the era had to end this way, but that's how the NFL works sometimes. If all goes well in 2024, or enough goes well, the Broncos could be in a position to go all-in around a second-year QB on a rookie contract.

Having a franchise quarterback on a rookie contract is one of the biggest advantages in all of sports, and the Broncos could be the next team to experience this. Well, part of what makes that so great is those teams tend to have a ton of cap space to work with as well. And right now, according to Over the Cap, the Broncos are projected to have roughly $36.8 million in space in 2025, which is a solid number.

And they could easily great a ton more if they wanted to. OTC notes that an extension for WR Courtland Sutton saves the Broncos $9.8 million in 2025. An extension for Alex Singleton opens up another $3.4 million. Extending stud DE Zach Allen could free up another $9.2 million in 2025 as well.

Just those three moves give Denver around $20 million more in cap space to work with, which could push them closer to $60 million in available space. You see; the 2025 NFL Offseason could be quite awesome for the Denver Broncos. Most of this hinges on how good Bo Nix is as a rookie, but if he is good enough, the Broncos are in business for the future.