Way too early dream free agency haul for the Broncos in 2024

What would a dream free agency haul look like for the Denver Broncos in 2024?

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The Denver Broncos have a ton of financial flexibility this offseason in being able to create cap space, so if they want to spend in free agency, they certainly can. General Manager George Paton spoke to the media this Tuesday and said that the team was not going to be in the first wave of free agency this year, and that would make sense.

The Broncos made three splash signings when free agency opened last year, and are currently over the salary cap number for 2024. Denver can easily create cap space, even pushing $30-$40 million in space, so they can give themselves money to spend. And I think much of what the Broncos will do in free agency would depend on how Sean Payton feels about this roster.

The Broncos definitely showed a lot of promise in 2023, and I think their biggest issue is just an overall lack of talent. And with Payton being 60 years old, I don't think he wants to be in the business of rebuilding the team. It truly would not shock me to see the Denver Broncos be aggressive in free agency again, but not necessarily aggressive in terms of spending a ton of money.

Let's put together a way too early dream free agency haul in 2024.

Way too early dream free agency haul for the Broncos in 2024
1. Danielle Hunter, EDGE

Danielle Hunter is my favorite free agent and I think he makes a ton of sense on the Denver Broncos. George Paton was in the Minnesota Vikings front office when Hunter was drafted by the team in 2015, so there is a connection there. Hunter is also enjoying one of the best seasons in the NFL this year by any pass rusher.

He's racked up 16.5 sacks, 83 total tackles, 23 tackles for loss and 22 QB hits. He was on fire this year, and has played in all 34 games across the last two seasons. Hunter turns 30 in October, so his age might be a bit of a concern, but his pass rush expertise is something the Broncos desperately need.