Way too early 2024 NFL Season predictions for Broncos QB Bo Nix

What will we be looking at come seasons end for Bo Nix on the stats sheet?
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It's that time. Time to predict what kind of numbers Bo Nix could be putting on the board for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL season. Bo is coming off of a stellar final season in Oregon where he threw for 4500 yards with a 45/3 touchdown to interception ratio. However, that won't be the easiest to duplicate moving from the Pac 12 to the NFL.

Normally when players make the transition to the NFL there's a steep learning curve combined with the normal adjustments it takes to learn a new system. However, with the chemistry that is evidently shown already between Sean and Bo, we might be looking at a season where Bo's production doesn't dip as much as one might think.

First things first, let's get the obvious out of the way. Bo still needs to win the starting job. We all can read the tea leaves and imagine he'll have first crack at it, but knowing his completive nature, I doubt he's walking in expecting it to be handed to him.

With the ground work laid, lets see what we can come up with for some realistic but slightly bullish numbers for Nix going into this season. I'm going to crank this thing open with a bang and say Nix will throw for 3400+ yards as a rookie. I think his combination of immediate processing combined with the ability to dot it all over the three levels of the field will result in a lot of pass attempts but in an efficient manner.

Bo isn't a quarterback who's going to pass up a 7-yard gain for the hopes of a 20-yard gain. He'll take what the defense gives him. This might not light up the scoreboard but it will get the job done. Speaking of scoring, lets talk touchdowns. Currently, if Courtland Sutton remains a Bronco, he's established himself as one of the best redzone options in the league. Combine that with the breaking over the top speed from Mims and I think reaching 25+ passing touchdowns as a rookie is achievable.

Now let's talk about the growing pains. Obviously there will be some. Even though Bo only threw 3 intercdptions last year, that low of a number would be wildly impressive at the next level. Especially for a rookie. I'm expecting he'll try to create a little too much here and there and that probably leads to some mistakes. I'm going to set this number at 8+. That still might be too low but I trust not only Bo's decision making but I think after he makes one he'll be disciplined enough to not make the same mistake twice.

Finally, let's talk percentages. I'm thinking a 67% completion percentage with a passer rating in the low 90's. These numbers also could be a tick high but hey, I did say I'd be a bit bullish. So what're we looking at as a whole? 3400+ yards with 25+ touchdowns and less than 10 interceptions as a rookie would be more than enough to be proud of. I could see any of these numbers being slightly higher or lower depending on how quickly Bo connects with his receivers and offensive personnel as a whole.