Broncos defense now has to deal with the Chargers adding shifty wide receiver

The LA Chargers drafted Georgia WR Ladd McConkey on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft, and he is a handful.
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The Los Angeles Chargers have begun reloading their WRs, as the team took Ladd McConkey in the second round. The Broncos now have to deal with McConkey for years to come. McConkey is a very good prospect and someone that could have made a lot of sense for the Denver Broncos.

McConkey is not physically imposing or anything like that. He's not 6'0" tall and might be 200 pounds soaking wet. However, McConkey might be the best separator in the NFL Draft, and Chargers QB Justin Herbert now has a new weapon to use in the passing game:

Simply put, McConkey can get open, and even though the Chargers have not exactly had a ton of success during Herbert's tenure, it's clear that they're in a new era with Jim Harbaugh. And in fact, McConkey may never put up huge numbers out wide, either. However, every NFL team could use a player like McConkey, who knows how to get open and has sticky hands.

The Denver Broncos did add to their secondary this offseason, signing safety Brandon Jones and cornerback Levi Wallace, while also re-signing safety PJ Locke III. Patrick Surtain II is obviously still in the picture and the Broncos found a gem in Ja'Quan McMillian, who should settle it even more as the Broncos slot CB for the long-term.

The Chargers took OT Joe Alt with their fifth overall pick, which is another problem for the Denver Broncos defense. Alt is a pristine technician and definitely makes their offensive line a lot better. For the Chargers, it's a clear investment on offense thus far in the 2024 NFL Draft, and this only makes the Denver Broncos job harder on defense.

Perhaps the Broncos can counter these moves with some defensive additions themselves. The Broncos do need some DL and EDGE help, and it would not hurt to add a late-round cornerback.