The Denver Broncos need to surround new QB Bo Nix with notable young talent

Time to surround Bo with some offensive firepower.
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos have 7 remaining draft picks at the time of writing this article. There's a good chance that changes as historically both Sean Payton and George Paton love to trade and move around the board. That said, there are a few key targets I would like to see them acquire in the later rounds. We will specifically target rounds 4-7. There has always been tremendous value picks in the later rounds if your have the right personnel making the calls.

The biggest examples of this statement of course have to include the likes of Tom Brady and most recently Brock Purdy. Now, however, since we have found our quarterback in Bo Nix, I'd like to see our shot callers surround him with as much fire power as possible. That starts with some Mile High royalty lineage in Luke McCaffrey. That's right. He's the son of legendary wide receiver Ed McCaffrey.

Luke is a phenomenal athlete out of Rice University. He can get up in a hurry. He ran a 4.46 40 yard dash at the combine. He primary plays from the slot which would mesh perfectly in Sean's offense. He's a bit smaller than some might like but he makes up for it with undeniable toughness and grit. He catches the ball with ease and control. No one is expecting him to walk in and be the undisputed WR1 from the jump but he could thrive in Sean's system with the help of our other receivers drawing defenders to other parts of the field.

The next target of mine comes in the form of a small giant. Theo Johnson, the Penn State University tight end. Theo comes in as a 6'6" 260lbs pass catcher with some additional burst. He clocked a 4.57 40 yard dash at the combine this year. Theo isn't going to tear the top of the coverage off by any means but where I find some traits that can't be taught is the ability to go up and make those tough contested catches. Additionally, he did score a 9.93/10.0 of the RAS scale.

He's an athlete in simpler terms. He's also a good target in the redzone leading his team in 7 catching touchdowns this past year. He tends to struggle in the blocking aspect which, some teams will be turned off by from the tight end position. However, he's coming off of a year where he played all 13 games and that's something Denver has desperately needed from its tight end position these past couple years.

Greg Dulcich is an amazing pass catcher but his struggles to stay on the field hurt his value in the long run. Theo isn't in the realm of Travis Kelce or George Kittle but having a big, tough, and reliable option at the position is something Denver needs to take a long look at.

The final young man I have on my board of must draft players comes from the University of Tennessee. That player is Jaylen Wright. The 5'10" 210lb running back. He ran a 4.38 40 yard dash at the combine. In other words, he's fast. Very fast.

He excels when he used in the passing game. Remind you of anyone yet? Oh yeah. Alvin Kamara. Another Tennessee player that Sean Payton selected when he was in New Orleans. But, let's get back to Jaylen. This kid is good. To say I'm a big fan might be an understatement. Especially now that we drafted Bo Nix. Sean loves to work in the screen game where someone like Jaylen could thrive.

I also invison the option just being a major weapon for this group of players. Marvin Mims, Courtland Sutton, maybe McCaffrey if he's selected and then Jayen lined up would give opposing defenses fits. Every one of those players have speed especially when they find open field. If nothing opens up, there should be a lane for Nix who has the ability to pull the ball down and run.

The objective here once again to to surround Bo with an offensive powerhouse of fast and elusive athletes who could excel in the open field and give a team a much needed offensive spark that has been severely lacking in the past few years. Think of the 49er's for example. Weapons clear across the board who are consistently put into positions to succeed after the catch. That's what I envision for Denver. Let the draft continue to roll on!