3 players the Broncos should trade into the second round to draft

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The Broncos walked away from day one of the NFL Draft with what they believe to be their next franchise quarterback in Bo Nix. The team only has one selection slated for day two, which is a third-round selection at number 76 overall. Thanks to several day-one surprises, multiple first-round caliber players sit available heading into day two. The Broncos should take advantage of this, and move into the second round to select one of these three players.

3 players the Broncos should trade into the second round to draft

1) CB Cooper DeJean, Iowa

Iowa corner Cooper DeJean was thought by many to be a first-round caliber cornerback. However, as offense dominated night one of the draft, several defensive players who were otherwise thought to be first-rounders are getting ready for day two of the draft. Leading that pack is DeJean, who was initially believed by some to be a mid-first-round corner.

DeJean has slipped into day two and could be a perfect trade-up candidate for the Broncos if they decide to move into the 30s. DeJean might struggle to be a corner long-term, but only two Broncos present to be long-term answers in the secondary: corners Pat Surtain and JaQuan McMillian. Even if DeJean doesn't profile as a corner longterm, his coverage skills will translate well to safety, and he could become a longterm answer for the Broncos there. For plenty of reasons, DeJean is a perfect fit for the Broncos.