Way too early 2024 needs for the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams
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Is it too early to look ahead to 2024? I don't think so. Let's crack open some projected 2024 needs for the Denver Broncos.

Scouting departments from NFL teams are likely starting their 2024 NFL Draft prep rather soon. It's never too early to begin looking ahead to the future. The Broncos are set to enter a very crucial 2023 season that could be franchise-altering.

This coming season could also greatly impact how the team approaches the future, namely the 2024 NFL Draft. Denver does have some obvious early needs for next year, but could there be an under the radar position to target?

Denver Broncos projected biggest needs in 2024
1. Defensive line

The Denver Broncos should invest heavily in their defensive line come 2024. Mike Purcell is over 30 years old and entering the last year of his deal. DJ Jones turns 29 at the end of the 2023 season. Outside of them, Zach Allen figures to be a long-term piece for the team, but there's also some unknown with two second-year players in Matt Henningsen and Eyioma Uwazurike.

What if they don't take a step forward like we hope? If not, we could be looking at a very weak unit for 2023 and a position that needs some heavy reinforcements come 2024.