The two worst contracts on the Denver Broncos roster in 2023

These offensive and defensive players have unfortunate contracts as of now

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos appear to be trending up, but that does not mean their roster is free of error. They have a couple of notable awful contracts. These players could do a 180 in 2023 and change the tune of how they are viewed by most in Broncos Country.

Two players stick out to me as having the two worst contracts on the roster. The Denver Broncos spent a ton of money in free agency this offseason, so while the team does appear to be better on paper, there is a chance that some of their big-time additions could end up not living up to their contracts.

I think the first player who is currently on a terrible contract is QB Russell Wilson. He inked a massive five-year extension last year worth $245 million, which comes out to $49 million per season. Right now, Wilson's contract is the fourth-highest among quarterbacks. It also has the fifth-highest total value and the third-highest total guarantees.

Russell Wilson is currently being paid like a top-five, elite QB in the NFL, but is certainly not being viewed as one anymore. I've seen QB power rankings that have Wilson scattered throughout the 20s, which at this point, is accurate. He really has to flip the script in 2023 if he wants to be viewed like he previously was.

I do have faith that Sean Payton can reinvigorate Wilson's career. He did wonders with Drew Brees from 2017-2020 when he was seriously declining as a passer. The hope is that we're talking about Wilson among the elites when the 2023 season ends.

The second contract that is truly awful on the Denver Broncos roster is Randy Gregory's. Gregory signed a five-year, $69.5 million deal with the Broncos last offseason, and he played in just six games for the team in 2022 and notched just two sacks and seven QB hits. He did begin the year on fire, but a knee injury interrupted that.

When Gregory returned to the lineup, he did not look like his early-season self. The total value of his contract ranks 10th among EDGE rushers. The average annual value of the pact ranks 17th among pass rushers. So, his contract pegs him somewhere around being the 15th richest pass rusher contract in the NFL.


It's safe to say that Gregory did not at all live up to his contractual billing in 2022. If Gregory can stay healthy, which is a huge if, we could be talking about one of the better pass rushers in the NFL. His talent is indisputable. Everyone and their mother know how talented he is, but his off-field issues, including his injury history, have put a huge stain on what could have been a stellar career.

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