Two areas the Denver Broncos might regress in 2024

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Quarterback Play

The Broncos are, once again, in quarterback limbo. As the team prepares to move on from Russell Wilson, Sean Payton and his offensive staff will begin to weigh their options as to their 2024 quarterback.

One option is current Bronco Jarrett Stidham, who started the final two games of the year for the Broncos, but was largely unimpressive and did about what would be expected from a backup quarterback who hadn't played all year. The Broncos can look to multiple external veterans, or turn their attention to the 2024 NFL Draft.

The issue the Broncos might run into is that they actually received decent quarterback play this season, despite the end-of-season fiasco with Wilson. Wilson controlled the ball well, with minimal interceptions and minimal risks, was efficient in the red zone, and was one of the better quarterbacks in football when trailing, leading him to lead the league in 4th quarter comebacks.


Wilson, however, did not match up to what the Broncos had invested in him, so Payton and company are seemingly set on moving on from Wilson. The Broncos likely are not going to find a quarterback to be the most efficient quarterback in the red zone or one that can limit the interceptions as well as Wilson did. This move might set them up better for the long term, but the immediate impact will be felt in Denver.

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