Trading Patrick Surtain II makes sense if Broncos are given fair offer

Trading PS2 should be on the table.

Denver Broncos
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The most valuable player the Denver Broncos currently have is Patrick Surtain II, and trading him makes a ton of sense if the team is given a fair offer. I get it; you're probably rolling your eyes at me over this, but I think I can change your mind. Obviously, PS2 is the best CB in football. That shouldn't be a question.

He's in his third year, is still just 23 years old, and if he remains in Denver, would likely sign a massive contract extension next offseason which would make him the richest DB in NFL history in all likelihood. Well, his name has been wrapped up in trade rumors as the Broncos likely barrel to another losing season.

Depending on what reporters you trust and what kind of information they have, no one on the roster is untradeable. According to Albert Breer, who is very well-connected, Surtain could indeed be on the move.

"Danielle Hunter remains a guy that could bring back a Day 2 pick for the Vikings, something they’re considering, and K.J. Osborn, Jordan Hicks and Harrison Smith are others who could draw interest. Denver needs picks, and Jewell, Justin Simmons, Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton and Garett Bolles are among their movable pieces, with teams having called on Patrick Surtain II (it’d cost a lot to get him), too."

Albert Breer

Breer doesn't outright say that the Broncos aren't trading him, but does say that it'd cost a lot to acquire him, which is a great thing for Denver. If the Broncos are offered a similar package for Surtain that the Jacksonville Jaguars got for Jalen Ramsey, which included two first-round picks and a mid-round pick, the Broncos should be all over that.

That would likely mean that the Broncos pick twice in the first round in the 2024 NFL Draft if they kept their own pick, and twice in the 2025 NFL Draft. Add in a mid-round pick to sweeten it up, and the Broncos could be looking at a very nice haul. I think teams like the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, and Pittsburgh Steelers all make sense. I'm sure 31 other teams would love to have Surtain, but those three would be my best guess as to who would have the most interest.

It's clear that Denver needs draft capital. They traded three total first-round picks and multiple second-round picks to land both Russell Wilson and Sean Payton. The roster also is not as talented as some of us originally thought, and there's nothing more valuable in terms of draft capital than first-round picks.

Here's another reason why trading Surtain makes sense:

The Denver Broncos currently have the worst defense in the NFL. Yes, Surtain is an elite CB, but it's clear that he can only do so much to elevate the defense. Even with Surtain as a part of this unit, it's still a bad one. It seems like truly elite cornerbacks in the NFL are best suited to be on good-above-average defenses.

I'd also take this a step further and point you to the best defenses in the NFL. All of those defenses, at least to me, have better pass rushers than cornerbacks. Some of the top defenses in the NFL include the Ravens, Cowboys, 49ers, and Bills. Out of those four defenses, I can identify one, maybe two truly elite CBs among the unit.

The best CBs among these units who are actually healthy and playing include Marlon Humphrey, Ronald Darby, Charvarius Ward, and Stephon Gilmore. Both Trevon Diggs and Tre'Davious White are out for the year. To me, I think it's evident that the engine that makes a good or great defense comes from the defensive front with the pass rushers and defensive line.


The Broncos have one elite CB and a non-existent pass rush. I think the best path forward for them might be to prioritize finding elite players along the defensive front and find average-good cornerback play. That to me would lead to a stronger defense, and that's why the Broncos should be open to trading Patrick Surtain II.

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