3 nightmare scenarios for the Denver Broncos now and in the future

The Denver Broncos feel like a cursed franchise, and perhaps these scenarios happening would all but confirm that

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The Denver Broncos are 2-5 and look to be heading towards a lost season, and this could get even worse now and in the future if these nightmare scenarios come true. It feels like the league is out to make life for the Broncos hard on purpose, doesn't it?

The team has seemingly been on the bad end of a ton of missed calls and bad calls from officials, and seems to just be an unlucky team overall. Perhaps the franchise did sell their souls for that Super Bowl 50 trophy. Just because Sean Payton is in town, that doesn't mean things will eventually trend up.

I think this could be especially true if a few nightmare scenarios come true. Let's dive into three situations that would be just terrible for Denver.

3 nightmare scenarios for the Broncos now and in the future

1. Kansas City Chiefs add big-name WR at the deadline

The Kansas City Chiefs don't have a ton of talent at WR, and TE Travis Kelce is again getting a bulk of the work in the offense. At some point, KC will have to get more production out of their receivers, right? Well, a nightmare scenario that would hurt the Broncos and help the Chiefs' Super Bowl chances is them acquiring a big-name WR at the deadline.

Someone like DeAndre Hopkins or Davante Adams might be targets for the Chiefs if they are desperate enough to add someone like that over the next six days before the deadline. It would be a classic case of the rich getting richer and the Broncos again having to watch other teams make big-time moves.