If Broncos cut Russell Wilson in 2024, Kirk Cousins makes a ton of sense

Could the Denver Broncos bring in a new veteran QB in 2024?

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos might not stick with Russell Wilson beyond the 2023 NFL season. Could they then sign another veteran QB in the meantime? After a strong performance on primetime leading to an upset of the San Francisco 49ers, the Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins did themselves a huge favor.

Cousins, who is known for not showing up in primetime, showed up in a big way and tore apart one of the best defenses in the NFL. People have their fair criticisms of Cousins, but one thing is true: he's been one of the most consistent players of the 21st century in the NFL. So, I ask this question; could the Denver Broncos move off of Russell Wilson next offseason and bring in another veteran QB to hold the fort down in the meantime?

Kirk Cousins playing in a Sean Payton offense might be a better fit than what he has with Russell Wilson, and Cousins hasn't shown any signs of a decline as a passer. Cousins and Wilson were a part of the loaded quarterback class in the 2012 NFL Draft, and Cousins has been a full-time starter in the NFL since 2015. He's thrown at least 25 touchdown passes in each year since 2015, and he's on pace to throw way more than that this year.

Cousins has always been a true pocket passer who makes his mark with excellent accuracy, timing, and throwing players open. Ever since arriving in Minnesota in 2018, Kirk Cousins has completed 67.9% of his passes for 22,991 yards, 169 touchdowns, 55 interceptions, and a 101 passer rating. He's tied for the fourth-highest completion percentage in NFL history. Drew Brees has the highest in NFL history, and Brees spent most of his career with Sean Payton.

I just think that Kirk Cousins' makeup as a QB is a perfect fit for Sean Payton's offense that he ran with Drew Brees for so many years, and if Payton doesn't want to work with Russell Wilson after this year, could Payton chase another veteran QB? I think it'd also be smart to add a QB behind Cousins that Payton and the offensive coaching staff could try to develop.


I'm not saying the Broncos need to sign Cousins, who is set to hit the open market in 2024, for multiple years and keep him entrenched as the starter, but I am saying that signing Cousins and drafting a QB to try and develop might be a strong situation for Denver. The team would probably benefit from replacing Jarrett Stidham with a rookie QB from the 2024 NFL Draft. The Broncos would also likely be better QB play with Cousins in 2024 than they've gotten from Russell Wilson.

What do you think? Would you want to see Kirk Cousins in Denver?

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