Top 5 undrafted free agents in Denver Broncos history

- The greatest undrafted WR in NFL history?

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4. Lionel Taylor (1960-1966), WR

Floyd Little often gets the glory for being the Broncos' first true superstar, but before "The Franchise", there was Lionel Taylor. Undrafted out of New Mexico Highlands in 1959, Taylor was signed as a linebacker by the Bears before signing with Denver in 1960 where he would become one of the greatest receivers in franchise history.

Taylor played in seven seasons for the Broncos from 1960 to 1966. During that span, Taylor put up four 1,000-yard seasons and two double-digit touchdown seasons. He led the league in receptions in five different years, was named All-AFL five times, and an AFL All-Star three times. As a brand-new franchise, the Broncos did not do too much winning in the early to mid-1960s. Thanks to this forgotten time, Taylor seems to get lost in the pages of football legends from that era, but he was a record-setting pioneer at the receiver position.

In 1961, Taylor became the first professional receiver to ever record 100 receptions in a season, and his 102.9 yards per game in 1960 is still a franchise record. When Taylor retired, he was far and away the franchise leader in receiving yards, and his 6,872 yards as a Bronco is still good enough for fourth all-time in the team record books.

Taylor played in an era of Broncos football that is often brushed aside when considering the teams' history. The franchise had not quite found its legs in the world of professional football, but Taylor was a bright light in the teams' rough beginning. He was the original undrafted Broncos gem, and may we never forget him.