Top 5 players that went to most ideal situations from the 2024 NFL Draft

Situations mean much more than people realize.
2024 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2024 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Which incoming NFL rookies ultimately ended up in the best possible situation for their future? Out of 257 picks, there are going to be many more than five but I wanted to focus on the top five of the 2024 NFL Draft that I see could potentially be impactful for their teams as soon as day one. Let's get started.

1. Bo Nix, QB, Denver Broncos

Let's not waste any time. #1 on this list is none other than Bo Nix to the Broncos. It seems like a match made in heaven. Sean Payton needed a quarterback. He wanted one who could run his style of offense. Nix also gets to jump into a position where he will have the full strength of the team behind him. It's early but the job is his to lose. I believe he and Payton will mesh right off the jump while we get to see the results as early as week one. Great selection for the Denver Broncos.

2. Xavier Worthy, WR, Chiefs

Second on this list is a player who just landed in possibly the best spot for any receiver coming into this draft. Xavier Worthy and his lighting speed hit the ground running in Kansas City with the reigning back-to-back Super Bowl Champion Chiefs. The last time they had someone with blazing speed also helped Mahomes set records and win yet another Super Bowl as well. That was Tyreek Hill.

I'm not saying Worthy will be Hill starting day 1 but it certainly is in the realm of possibility given how brilliant Coach Reid is with his schemes for the offense. I remember joking after he broke the 40-yard dash time that the league better not let him go to Kansas City. Of course, a couple of months later that's exactly what happens.

3. Keon Coleman, WR, Bills

Coleman is a guy who instantly became relatable to so many people when he spoke about his coats being off of the sale rack at Macy's. Keon Coleman to the Bills has to be a godsend for everyone in Buffalo. They traded Stefon Diggs this offseason and let Gabe Davis sign a new deal in Jacksonville. Coleman, like Worthy, gets to walk into a situation where he could establish himself as the undisputed #1 option in the passing game right out of the gate.

Plus, he gets one of the best quarterbacks in the game Josh Allen to pair with. This seems like the newest of the "how did he fall to day two?" type of selection. He was great at Florida State and I imagine the crew in Buffalo are sleeping a little better now than the first night after trading Diggs.

4. Payton Wilson, LB, Steelers

Payton Wilson to the Steelers with the #98th pick just doesn't seem fair. This was a player that outside of injuries had a lot of late first early second-round grades amongst teams. He ran a 4.43 at the combine so he has the speed to drop back into coverage and in today's game having a linebacker with speed to match receiving threats is so coveted. That speed can be utilized in blitz packages as well.

This selection just screams Steelers Football to me. If he stays on the field this could be one of the best selections of the entire draft in a couple of years.

5. Caleb Williams, QB, Bears

Rounding out this list is the #5 player I've selected: Caleb Williams. Let's not act like he wasn't going to be on this list somewhere. I know it's Chicago but it's a new group running things. They went on a little run to close out the season and if it wasn't for Carolina being completely incompetent this past season they wouldn't even have this pick to begin with. That aside, Williams gets to step into a spot most #1 overall selections could only dream of.

They went and added Keenan Allen this offseason to pair with DJ Moore. They then selected Rome Odunze with their pick at #9. They have an above-average offensive line and capable running backs. Their defense could be the star of the show led by a midseason acquisition in Montez Sweat. If Williams is everything the experts claim he is then I see no reason why he isn't the offensive rookie of the year. Chicago should compete for a playoff spot with the ceiling in year one being stealing the division title from Detroit.