Top 3 most overpaid players on the Denver Broncos roster

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Who are the most overpaid players on the Denver Broncos' roster?

3. Mike McGlinchey: $17,500,000 AAV

So, I think the Denver Broncos signing Mike McGlinchey was largely a good move to bring some stability to a position that has plagued them for years. Cycling through a bunch of sub-par right tackles seemed to annoy George Paton, so I suppose he and Sean Payton got together and thought it would be a good idea to ink McGlinchey to a contract that is worth a number approaching $100,000,000.

McGlinchey is one of the very best run-blocking RTs in the NFL. No, in fact, he's one of the best run-blocking OL in the NFL. However, he's not that great in pass protection and I think he's being paid like an elite right tackle, something he is not. He could explode under Sean Payton since it's clear the Broncos play on running the ball, and McGlinchey is an excellent run blocker.

Payton has also fielded very good offensive lines in New Orleans, so McGlinchey might turn into one of the best right tackles in the league in this scenario, but his contract numbers are hard to digest. His $87.5 million total contract value is the third highest among right tackles. That number ranks ahead of better tackles like Taylor Moton, Lane Johnson, Braden Smith, and Jack Conklin.

His AAV ranks sixth among right tackles, which is also a huge number. His total guarantees also rank behind Ryan Ramcyzk, the best RT in the NFL, Taylor Moton, and Jawaan Taylor. It's clear that McGlinchey was overpaid a bit, but that's how free agency works at the top of the market. I don't necessarily hate this deal, as I think McGlinchey is a slightly above-average tackle, which is fine and is something you can definitely win with.

However, he is currently overpaid. I hope at the end of the 2023 season, we're talking about McGlinchey outplaying his contract.

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