Tim Patrick injury could force Broncos to be aggressive in adding a player to the offense

Tim Patrick suffered a non-contact injury on Monday, could this prompt Denver to add an offensive free agent in response?
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Denver Broncos WR Tim Patrick suffered what looks to be an Achilles injury on Monday at training camp. This could prompt the team to add an offensive player in free agency. If the team's worst fear is true, then Patrick would again miss an entire season. He missed all of the 2022 NFL season with a torn ACL, and this injury, happening on Monday, could again keep him out for a whole year.

This would be a devastating blow for the offense, and I can't imagine how Tim Patrick feels. He just did all of that rehab to get back from a torn ACL, and now he may have a more intensive rehab with this potentially season-ending injury. The video of the injury is hard to watch, but you can see it here:

The second tweet is Sean Payton all but saying that it is an Achilles injury for Patrick, who was set to enter his age-30 season with the Denver Broncos. He was a consistent force on offense in 2020 and 2021, having no less than 50 catches, 700 receiving yards, and five touchdowns in each season. He's not a WR1 by any means, but he has had a distinct and vital role in the offense.

He's a glue guy, a culture-setter, and a great teammate. This injury could possibly prompt Denver to be aggressive in trying to find someone externally to take his place on offense. There aren't many great free agent pass catchers left, but there could be someone out there. Denver did add a few pieces to their pass-catching arsenal this offseason.

They added Adam Trautman and Chris Manhertz, two tight ends, and also added Marquez Callaway, Marvin Mims Jr, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, and Samaje Perine, who can catch passes very well out of the backfield. I think the likely scenario is Denver hoping that someone could step up in Patrick's place, but why not look to the free agent market?

Someone that comes to mind is Jared Cook, a free agent tight end who played with Sean Payton from 2019-2020. He put up 1,209 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns in those two seasons, so he was very productive. Another free agent, perhaps much less exciting is Kenny Golladay, a bigger target at WR who had a very uninspiring tenure with the New York Giants most recently.


I do think Denver is going to explore free agents. This team obviously showed in the offseason that they want to win in 2023. They spent over $200 million in free agency. Teams who don't believe in their system don't do that. Sean Payton even said himself that he would be pissed if this was not a playoff team.

Well, Payton, the ball is in your court. Your roster just potentially lost one of it's best players. What are you going to do?

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